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Your house is one of the most significant investments you’ll ever make. You’ll invest money, time, energy, and lots of love to turn that house into a home. There’s no better way to protect your investment than with a sturdy, long-lasting roof from Tim Cocco Roofing & Restoration. And if you own a business, you care about providing the ultimate protection and comfort for your employees and customers.

Whether you need a new roof, replacement shingles, new siding, or structural repair, our roofing contractor in Florence, KY, can help. Click below or call (859) 609-3852 to request an estimate.

Quality Roofs Built To Last

Few things are as stressful as large-scale remodeling projects, especially when they involve your roof and walls. Nothing ever goes according to plan, and things almost always take longer than expected. At Tim Cocco Roofing & Restoration, we feel your pain, so we set out to change the industry's narrative and put your needs first.

There’s no more stressing over down payments or extended timetables. You won’t pay a thing until the project is complete. Each job we take on is started within one week of sign-up and completed within one week of us stepping onto your property. To ensure you get nothing but the best quality from us, our owner personally oversees every job site.

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If you have loose or missing shingles, damaged timber, or need a new roof, don’t put off your repairs. You’ll end up with far bigger problems that will cost you thousands to fix. Let Tim Cocco Roofing & Restoration take a look and provide a timely, cost-effective solution! Click below or call (859) 609-3852 to get started.

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